Higher education for some of us who attended college was a dream, for others maybe it was strongly 'suggested' by our parents.

But as it turns out, one degree here in South Dakota appears to be more popular than any other field of study.

According to TownCharts via the 2020 American Community Survey, the most popular field of study for graduating with a Bachelors's degree in the entire state was education coming in at 19.6% of all degrees obtained.

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Business came in at a close second place with 17.9% and third place was a bachelor's relating to either engineering or science-related fields of study.

It's also interesting to note that most of these degrees were also completed at local public schools by 87% of students. Which is on par with the national average of college students (84%) who also attended public universities or colleges to get their degrees.

Also, the most typical age of a South Dakota college student when they obtain their bachelor's degrees is between the age range of 25-34 years of age at 25%; followed closely with those aged 35-44 coming in at 23% obtaining their bachelor's degree.

The most popular field of study for college students according to this study in 2020 was either in science or engineering.

And out of all the people who have earned their bachelor's degrees within this study, only 2.7% of South Dakotans obtained a Doctorate degree.

So, what's the least popular degree attained by South Dakotans? Multidisciplinary Studies with 0.7% of degrees completed in this field of study.

Source: TownCharts

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