I don't know what it is and I fully admit it is probably just something in my personality, but increasingly I find myself highly annoyed by numerous TV commercials.

Now I realize commercials are meant to catch your attention, evoke emotion of some kind and hopefully move you toward partaking in the product or service advertised. I couldn't have survived in the radio business without accepting that premise and at times capitalizing on it.

But, and this is a big but - the goal was never to annoy, only to inform and hopefully entertain and I find neither of those happens for me with many of these patently rancid TV commercials.

For example every time this commercial comes on, I change the channel or have the urge to throttle the actress in it.

This one for Checkers & Rally's also makes me want to smack the chick wiping her mouth with her well manicured "paw"!

And finally, I want to be the TSA agent and give this "sweater sniffer" a good wand whack!

And I didn't even include the "creepy guitar-playing guy" in the Eliquis commercial! But as always, this could just be my problem!

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