I love Christmas, cats, all things British and I love to laugh! Put them all together in one lovely, beautifully filmed video and it is, (pardon the expression) visual catnip for me!

Those U.K. supermarket chains really put thought and money into their Christmas campaigns and this year is no exception. They've taken an icon of British children's literature, an impish cat named Mog by author Judith Kerr, and turned her into the 3D CGI star of one of Sainsbury's 2015 Christmas commercials!

Sainsbury's is a successful supermarket group in the U.K. and their holiday campaigns usually revolve around the theme "Christmas is for Sharing". They also direct you to a website where you can purchase the author's book which the commercial is based upon and every penny goes toward furthering children's literacy in the U.K.

Round up your kids to watch. They will love it! You might have to explain why a cat loves eggs (well, Mog does anyway) and those things popping in the kitchen are chestnuts, but after that; pure fun and creativity. I hope you enjoy Mog's Christmas Calamity, as much as I did! And maybe, just maybe your kids will want to read Mog's books, too!




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