The sprawling landscape of Iowa is seemingly endless at times, with its golden fields of corn, rolling hills, and lush soil. But much of the Hawkeye State is divided between just a few different owners.

In all, Iowa is a pretty decent-sized state, ranking 26th in the U.S. in area, just about at the halfway point. It consists of nearly 56,000 square miles of land, and as you'll see, much of it is spoken for between private companies and the state and federal governments.

According to a recent article by A-Z Animals, these are the seven biggest landowners in all of Iowa.

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Credit: Austin Goode via Unsplash/Canva
Credit: Austin Goode via Unsplash/Canva

7 Biggest Landowners in Iowa

Story Source: A-Z Animals Website, Iowa Wikipedia Page, Dandyland Farms Website

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