It was something we heard several years ago.

With the advance of technology, we'll be able to get more done and yet also have more free time. Now that sounded great!

So how has that worked out?

Well, CBS News had a report that said not so well.

According to the report about half of American workers skip lunch. That's right, not just shorten their lunch hour, they skip it all together. Why? Well, apparently technology has helped in getting more done, but the free time thing maybe hasn't materialized quite so much.

Reasons for skipping that usual lunch break include just too busy and pressure to perform. One professor of Human Resources Management at Temple University said we wear our 'busyness' as a badge of honor and like to be seen as that person working right by their computer.

Some experts say its all OK and helps workers stay focused. But on the negative side it can lead to burnout and mistakes.

So how about you? Do you enjoy a deserved hour long relaxing lunch? Or is it a candy bar by that keyboard at work?

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