I remember all the wonderful times at Christmas as a kid. And now as an adult, I try to keep those traditions from growing up alive.

I did a story on Christmas traditions. One of the elements of my Christmas' has been stockings stuffed full of little things on Christmas morning.

After all the big happenings on Christmas Eve, including 'the opening of all the presents' and a peaceful night's sleep, it's really fun to all wake up on Christmas morning, and together as a family, see what Santa put in our stockings that we each layed out so carefully.

The question is, what is in the perfect Christmas stocking? I've been trying to come up with the answer to that for around 50 years.

The idea of this whole thing is great, but when you actually go shopping for the items, it can be hard. But, we always come up with something that makes each and every holiday a special one.

If I find something for my toolbox, something that I can splash on my face after shaving and a treat that I can eat right on the spot, I'm all smiles.