I know that you and your family have traditions that you carry out every holiday season. It wouldn't be Christmas at your house if you missed something.

I make sure to go thru my checklist every year. And what's cool is, while it's all happening so many memories appear.

It's because, that's what your family always did at Christmas time. These are traditions that no way can be broken.

Like, for me, the stockings full of little gifts on Christmas morning. I did a story about the perfect Christmas stocking.

For my family, here's how it has to play out. Why? Because that's the way it was always done. And there are still some things in this world that are just too good to change.

First, let's do Christmas Eve. That's when we open presents. But nothing is opened until the traditions are carried out. We go to church early evening. No Christmas can go by without candle light service singing the hymn 'Silent Night'. After church we go home and have a spaghetti dinner. Then mom passes out the gifts. Then the heavenly tearing of the paper.

The next morning we wake up to all the new stuff, a mess in the living room and then it's time, before anything and still in pajamas, to find what Santa put in our stockings. Christmas Day then consists of dealing with whatever says 'Some Assembly Required' on the box it came in. We cap it all off with a prime rib dinner.

I'm proud to share this all with you. And I know that you have your Christmas traditions at your house that are near and dear to your heart as well. Make sure to enjoy every second of it with your loved ones.

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