WARNING: If you have not watched the first eight seasons of The Walking Dead there will be spoilers. But if you care about your time, you can quit watching at the end of season five.

As I sat down to write some blog posts this Sunday night at 8:24 pm, while watching the Red Sox and Astros in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series, it occurred to me that The Walking Dead was on and I don't care.

I really don't. No, really. I give no craps. None.

Why? Well I watched every episode of seasons one through eight. Last season (eight) just happened and I couldn't tell you what happened except that it ended with most of the Saviors being unrealistically blown up by their own guns and Rick bested Negan in a decent fight.

I can better remember what did not happen last season. Maggie still did not grow a fetus in her whom a year and a half after being impregnated by Glenn, who was killed two years ago (in TV season time). From what I understand from the new season, she still hasn't, but the baby showed up and her body is still supermodel perfect.

Last week's season premiere had an audience so small that only the six episodes of the first season were smaller. That could be technology and people changing viewing habits, but I used to watch every episode live and now I'm not sure I'll watch it again. I have a feeling the 11 million people who have disappeared since TWD's biggest season premiere four years ago, myself included, got tired of having their time wasted with episodes and plot lines that did nothing to progress the story, or even entertain.

Back in the heyday of this show, seasons 3 - 5, there were a few stinker episodes here and there, but mostly either something happened or the story moved, or both. Then season six was the mixed bag of episodes and the beginning of former showrunner Scott M. Gimple's destruction of my favorite show. Following the "Glenn hid in the seven inch space under a dumpster and that wasn't his blood and guts" fake out episode, we were blessed with "How Morgan Got His Groove Back." These two episodes combined infuriated me. The former was a gratuitous trick on fans. The latter was a 90 minute episode that only needed to be a one minute monologue by Morgan to explain why he doesn't want to kill.

After Glenn and Abraham were dispatched by Negan and Lucille in the season seven premiere (probably the most anticipated of the series), the show starts circling the drain.

Jeffery Dean Morgan's caricature of Negan totally whiffs. While some actors are nearly clones of their comic counterparts, Morgan is about 20 years older and forty pounds lighter than his. It's kinda hard to be scared of a guy whose pants are falling down due to the lack of an ass to hold them up. The incessant leaning back while making points makes me want to Lucille my TV. Having said that, I think he was right for the part. He just does the same stuff all the time.

Carol. What would you say... you do here?

Daryl, you look great. But can you talk at a normal volume? Just mumbling is hard to hear or comprehend. I'm had to watch the show with subtitles.

Morgan ended up on the good TWD franchise. Fear the Walking Dead has been superior to the original since its second season. The revamp of the show has been good as well and I like it.

And Rick, who now has to die or leave because Andrew Lincoln is leaving, is the heart and soul of the show. When he goes the show will grenade. Lauren Cohan is not long for the show either. Her character, Maggie, is the only one capable of carrying the show after Rick leaves, but without her we are left with Carol and Daryl and a hodge podge of characters we really don't care about.

If this season is not the show's last I will be amazed.

Oooh! Red Sox scored on a passed ball and lead by two!

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