The Walking Dead kicked off season six with a bang Sunday night. I was not a fan of the gratuitous black and white flashbacks, which were not so much flashbacks as they were a jumbling of the order of events, but it was a solid 8 out of 10. Most season premieres have been this way, with the exception of one to be named later.

I am admittedly ridiculous when I say that I love The Walking Dead. I complain about its inevitable need to bore us with too much standing around and talking with a few token zombie kills. But there have been times when I've nearly leaped off a cliff and quit watching because it got so boring for an episode or two, usually after a fantastic episode or two.

My catharsis for the impending snooze-fest episodes that are sure to come after a killer premiere is this: my list of the five worst episodes of The Walking Dead.

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