Earlier today saw 'The Walking Dead' teasing Rick and Carl's long road ahead with an ominous new teaser poster, but what of the others who were scattered by the Governor's assault in midseason 4 finale "Too Far Gone" Check out a brand-new series of teasers that reveal what horrors the others will face when 'The Walking Dead' returns in February!

Though the quality of the teasers themselves remains pretty low for the moment (filmed off a screen), the new spots that aired during 'The Walking Dead''s New Years' marathon gave us some effective teases where we might find the survivors by the February 9 premiere. Carl keeps his peril behind a door, while we're pretty sure we know what Michonne is up to back at the prison (comic and AMC spoilers, be warned), but Daryl, Beth and Glenn seem to have it the worst.

Daryl and Beth remain out on the run, stopping amid the long grass to hide from a pack of pursuing walkers, while poor Glenn lies atop the prison bus, surrounded by the undead on all sides. We've got to wonder, who was it that drove the bus out of the prison in the first place, and what has since happened to its passengers?

Check out the latest 'Walking Dead' season 4 teasers above and below (hopefully in better quality soon), and give us your predictions for when the second half of the season premieres in February!

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