There must be something in the water in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. In terms of life expectancy, the state of Minnesota fares far nearly every other state, with an average lifespan of 79.1 years per individual in the North Star State.

That being said, throughout the state's history, some Minnesotans have lived so long that it almost defies conventional belief. In fact, the oldest Minnesotan of all was born shortly after the first automobile was made and passed away shortly after the first smartphone was.

Here's a look a the ten oldest Minnesotans of all time.

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According to the Gerontology Wiki Website, these are the ten oldest Minnesotans who ever lived:

1Walter BreuningM21 Sept 189614 Apr 2011114 years, 205 days
2Catherine HagelF28 Nov 18946 Dec 2008114 years, 8 days
3Maude HarrisF15 Aug 19073 May 2021113 years, 261 days
4Delvina DahlheimerF31 Dec 188813 Mar 2002113 years, 72 days
5Cora HansenF25 Mar 189918 Apr 2012113 years, 24 days
6Bertha FlathersF30 Mar 188521 Nov 1997112 years, 236 days
7Lena DickF5 Aug 190527 Feb 2018112 years, 206 days
8Elizabeth FisherF15 Jan 18843 Aug 1996112 years, 201 days
9Ruth AndersonF24 July 189920 Dec 2011112 years, 149 days
Evelyn KleineF11 July 19077 Dec 2019112 years, 149 days

There are a couple of very interesting facts pertaining to this list. First off, nearly every single person in the top ten is a female, except for one. Secondly, all ten passed away in the past thirty years, providing evidence that humans are living longer than in years past.


So, who was Minnesota's oldest person on record? Here's a little info on Walter Breuning from Gerontology:

Walter Breuning (21 September 1896 – 14 April 2011) was a validated American supercentenarian who was the world's oldest living man following the death of Henry Allingham on 18 July 2009, until his own death nearly two years later. He was also the third-oldest validated living person in the world overall, behind Maria Gomes Valentim and Besse Cooper. As of February 2023, Breuning has been the fourth-oldest validated man ever, (after Jiroemon KimuraChristian Mortensen, and Emiliano Mercado del Toro).

-Gerontology Website

To see the full list of the top 10 oldest people to ever live in each state, check out the article from Gerontology Fandom Website.

Story Source: Gerontology Fandom Website, Fox 9 Website

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