In terms of life expectancy, the state of Iowa fares better than over half of its peers, with an average lifespan of 77.5 years per individual in the Hawkeye State.

That being said, throughout the state's history, some Iowans have lived so long that it almost defies conventional belief. In fact, the oldest Iowan of all only recently passed away in January of this year.

Here's a look a the ten oldest Iowans of all time.

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According to the Gerontology Wiki Website, these are the ten oldest Iowans who ever lived:

1Bessie HendricksF7 Nov 19073 Jan 2023115 years, 57 days
2Neva MorrisF3 Aug 18956 Apr 2010114 years, 246 days
3Olivia Patricia ThomasF29 Jun 189516 Nov 2009114 years, 140 days
4Emma Verona JohnstonF6 Aug 18901 Dec 2004114 years, 117 days
5Anna StoehrF15 Oct 190021 Dec 2014114 years, 67 days
6Merle BarwisF23 Dec 190022 Nov 2010113 years, 334 days
7Gertrude CrokerF12 Jul 188126 Nov 1994113 years, 137 days
8Flossie EckardF25 Jul 188825 Aug 2001113 years, 31 days
9Olive AlleshouseF7 Jun 188213 May 1995112 years, 340 days
10Letitia LawsonF10 Apr 189622 Feb 2009112 years, 318 days

There are a couple of very interesting facts pertaining to this list. First off, every single person in the top ten is a female. Secondly, eight of the ten passed away in the past twenty years, providing evidence that humans are living longer than in years past.

Not only is Bessie Hendricks the oldest Iowan in history, but she was also the oldest living American until her death in January of this year. Bessie was born in Iowa's Calhoun County, was a mother of three, and a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse.

To see the full list of the top 10 oldest people to ever live in each state, check out the article from Gerontology Fandom Website.

Story Source: Gerontology Fandom Website, CBS News Website

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