A lot of excitement is in the air with football action starting once again! NFL teams kicked-off their first preseason games last week, and college football is just days away.

Recently, Sports Illustrated announced the Top 10 Best College Football Towns in America.  They are:

10) Charlottesville, Virginia

9) College Station, Texas

8) Knoxville, Tennesse

7) Oxford, Mississippi

6) Boulder, Colorado

5) Columbia, Missouri

4) Ann Arbor, Michigan

3) Austin, Texas

2) Athens, Georgia

At the top of the list...Madison, Wisconsin!  They are the home of the Wisconsin Badgers!

College football is my favorite season because I always think about my time on the field covering all the action.  I was able to see and hear what the other announcers couldn't like certain injuries or what coaches were saying to their team.

During the show, Randy and I wanted you to name your favorite college football team you like to watch on Saturday during the season!  Randy is more of a baseball fan.  As for me...I love my Fighting Irish!

There were A LOT of responses on social media!  A good majority of listeners said the Nebraska Cornhuskiers.  Of course, listeners also added either SDSU Jackrabbits or USD Coyotes.  Other responses included the following: Oklahoma Sooners, Iowa Hawkeyes, University of Florida Gators, and Kansas Jayhawks.

Who is your favorite college football team?  Is there a town you think should be included on the Sports Illustrated list?

Source: https://www.si.com/college-football/2019/college-football-best-college-towns-cities

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