The state of South Dakota sure does have a wide variety of unique names when it comes to its cities and towns. Some of these names hold special significance, some were made up almost on the fly. Some town names are extremely short, and others, especially long. But what are the shortest and longest in the Mount Rushmore State? Thanks to an in-depth study done on every state over at, we have the answers.

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Shortest Town Name? Tea: The shortest town name is located right in the heart of the Sioux Empire. With only three letters in its name, Tea takes the top prize. The city was founded in 1894 and originally called Byron. However, the town soon realized the name of Byron was already taken. How did they choose the name of Tea? According to reports from the time, while debating the name for the town, the citizens decided to take a tea break, and the rest is history.


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Longest Town Name? Wessington Springs: With a whopping 17 letters in its name, Wessington Springs is the longest town name in the state of South Dakota. According to town legend, they get their name from legendary fur trapper named Wessington. The legend states that Wessington was burned alive and his remains lie where the city park is today. However, no factual evidence backs this claim up and it could just be part of the town's folklore.


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