As the City of Sioux Falls continues to grow, so do its neighborhoods. If you live in Sioux Falls or are planning on moving to the city in the near future, take a look at this list of the safest neighborhoods in town, and see where your neck of the woods ranks.

There are dozens of unique neighborhoods throughout the city and the website offers a detailed and interactive look at the city's map and determines where the safest areas are. The crime index, violent crime rate, property crime rate, and crimes per mile were all factors in determining the safest districts.

Here are the 10 safest neighborhoods in Sioux Falls, according to

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  1. Anderson Subdivision (far east side)
  2. Shindler (far southeast side)
  3. Ellis (far west side)
  4. E 57th St / S Cliff Ave (central)
  5. S Sycamore Ave / E 42nd St (east side)
  6. W 41st St / S Sertoma Ave (west side)
  7. S Sertoma Ave / W 53rd St (southwest side)
  8. S Cliff Ave / E 69th St (south side)
  9. W 57th St / S Louise Ave (southwest side)
  10. S Marion Rd / W 41st St

As for the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city, neighborhood scout points to S Marion Rd/ W 16th St, W 12Th St / S Marion Rd, W Madison St / N Kiwanis Ave, W 6th St / W Burnside St, E Rice St / N Cliff Ave, W 11Th St / S Minnesota Ave, and W 57th St / S Oxbow Ave.

For a complete overview of where each Sioux Falls neighborhood rates in terms of safety, visit

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