Do you remember the electrifying opening game last year with the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears? It seems like that game mentality was not present for the 100th celebration of the NFL.  Let me put it this way, there was a lack of offense on both sides and lots of penalties.

The starters for the Bears were not prepared. This was evident when Mitch Trubisky kept running the ball more than half the game.  His arm did not make an appearance until close to the end of the 3rd quarter.  Even after Trubisky gets his offense down the field, he lets that work go to waste.  The play that summarized the night was when former Bear, Adrian Amos picked off his former team.

On the other side of the ball, the Bears defense wasn't good or bad.  They were just there. I forgot Khaild Mack was in the game until the announcers mentioned his name.

The bottom line is the starters for the Bears did not see much action on the field during preseason.  Numerous penalties indicate this.  The Monsters of Midway had all the elements to have a great game with the city rallying behind them.  They just didn't use this energy to their advantage. But at least the Bears rookie kicker, Eddy Pineiro, made the 38-yard field goal.

It's only the first game, but that's the game that sets the tone for the entire season.  The Bears and Packers are better teams than their performances last night.  It's on to the next game.  Life goes on and Aaron Rodgers will continue to throw more than one Hail Mary pass in a game.

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