If you are overwhelmed by anxiety, depression and stress, Dan and Jill Johnson can help you!    Dan and Jill are the organizers of South Dakota's first laughter club.

Dan says laughter produces immediate results.  "Motion creates emotion.  The powerful part in anything you do---if you want to feel better and act better-- just start moving and you feel better!"

Jill put it this way. "Laughter takes your mind off yourself.  Your mind can be on yourself and very solitary.  Our laughter club is a group activity.  When people feel sad or depressed, we tell them they don't have to be in a good mood.  You just do the exercises.  The body doesn't know the difference between a real laugh and a fake laugh.  You get the same health benefits."

Aside from the emotional and physical benefits, Dan and Jill Johnson say laughter improves our relationships both at the office and at home.

With an I Love Life Minute, I'm Jerry Dahmen