Look what came in the mail today! The Old Farmer's Almanac 2016 which boasts, "useful, with a pleasant degree of humor." Well, I didn't find much humor in the 2015-2016 winter weather map.

Old Farmers Almanac/Press

Sioux Falls appears to lie on the white/blue border. The white being snowy while the blue is cold + snow. Yeah. Got boots?

Snowfall will be above normal in the northern plains." - Old Farmer's Almanac 2016

But, how accurate is the Old Farmer’s Almanac’s predictions? According to Time, they are based on a top-secret formula, involving a complicated mathematical formula devised by founder Robert B. Thomas in 1792 that takes sun spots, planetary positions and tidal patterns into account. El Nino and it's Atlantic ocean warning effects are also taken into consideration - which could shift our weather patterns greatly.

Enough of the snow and cold. Let's take a look at the summer 2016 map:

Old farmer's Almanac/Press

Ouch. Not much debate here.

Not to bag on the age old and tested accuracy of the Farmer's Almanac top secret formula - but isn't winter always cold and snowy, and every summer hot and dry?

Although neither we, nor any other forecasters, have as yet gained sufficient insight into the mysteries of the universe to predict the weather with total accuracy, our results are almost always very close to our traditional claim of 80 percent." Farmer's Almanac

It's still worth a good read. Especially troves of information for only $6.99. Plus, it promises to let you know when a moose really likes you (probably never), the biggest Supermoon in decades is coming, why Neil Armstrong left $30,000 on the moon, and skydiving beavers!

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