Over the last five years or so, Sioux Falls has become more than just a city tourists drive through while on vacation. Sioux Falls has become a popular destination for travelers. People come to eat, shop, explore, and experience everything Sioux Falls has to offer.

Experience Sioux Falls is your source for all your travel needs in the Sioux Falls area.  Whether you're looking for the top restaurants or the best places to stay, Experience Sioux Falls has you covered.  So where are the best hotels to stay in Sioux Falls? I'll tell you one thing...there certainly are plenty of options!

The Executive Director for Experience Sioux Falls, Teri Schmidt revealed some interesting numbers about the number of hotels and hotel rooms in Sioux Falls.  One thing is for sure, Sioux Falls is ready for visitors!

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Teri Schmidt indicated Sioux Falls has a total of 62 hotels and 5,499 hotel rooms in the city. Talk about the endless lodging possibilities available for tourists anxiously awaiting to enjoy the city!

According to the hotels' page on the Experience Sioux Falls website, there are all kinds of hotels that will suit your travel needs. "Business, corporate, family travel, and pet-friendly options. Whether you're planning to stay for a while, or you're just passing through, we've got room for you," states Experience Sioux Falls. Bed and Breakfasts and even campgrounds are included in this list.

I recently contacted Teri Schmidt to see if she could provide more information about the hotels in Sioux Falls. 29% of the visitors in the state come to tour the Minnehaha County area (A.K.A. Sioux Falls). This tourism industry is just booming!

"So far in 2021 – January through July, we have been able to count 648,543 visitors creating an approximate economic impact of $219m….our industry tells us to multiply by 3 to get what is probably the actual number of visitors since many do not sign a guest book. So this could easily put us at around 1.9 million people visiting the community during those 7 months.   While these numbers are down from last year (COVID) we still had a strong summer."

Teri explains that on average, leisure travelers spend between two-five days in Sioux Falls while business travelers stay around 2.5 days.

Whether you're in Sioux Falls for a short stay or an extended vacation, South Dakotan hospitality is at your service.

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