Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, everyone likes to dress up on Halloween.  It's always fun to be someone or something different for a day. However, time is running out to find the perfect Halloween costume.

If you're looking for some costume ideas, an article from USA Today lists the most popular costume in each state. The most popular costume in South Dakota is the "Mad Hatter." Dressing up as a pumpkin is popular for the state of Minnesota and being "Superman" is at the top of the list for the state of Iowa.

Here are other popular costumes in each state according to USA Today. See if anything on the list inspires a costume for you!

Alabama: Mickey Mouse

Alaska: Pennywise

Arizona: Deadpool

Arkansas: Mickey Mouse

California: Unicorn

Colorado: Star Wars

Connecticut: Catwoman

Delaware: Poison Ivy

Florida: Baywatch

Georgia: Storm Trooper

Hawaii: Moana

Idaho: Deadpool

Illinois: Mickey Mouse

Indiana: Mickey Mouse

Kansas: Wolverine

Kentucky: Superhero

Louisiana: Princess

New York: Storm Trooper

North Carolina: Wolverine

North Dakota: Wonder Woman

Ohio: Tinker Bell

Oklahoma: Angel

Oregon: Catwoman

What do you think about the list so far?  Do you agree that the "Mad Hatter" is the most popular costume in South Dakota?

Source: USA Today

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