It's rumored that if you say "Bloody Mary" three times into a mirror in a dark bathroom she will appear! The folklore legend has been around for centuries but how did it get started? And who is Mary? Well according to, there are three potential candidates for Mary.

#1.) Queen Mary I

Her life has been surrounded by death. First burned at least 300 people at the steak to make England more Catholic. She dealt with numerous false pregnancies even died in the middle of one. According to the site, "Those that believe she’s Bloody Mary say she is searching for her lost children and ready to steal one if she must."

#2.) Mary, Queen of Scots

This woman is a bit strange. First of all she married her cousin and he stabbed man 56 times in front of a pregnant Mary. While being convicted, he died mysteriously and people looked at Mary because she happened to have married one of the suspects.

Being question for the murder, Mary and traveled to her cousin Queen Elizabeth I to beg for protection. Rumors started to swirl that Mary was set to overthrow the throne so the queen through her in jail for 19 years. If that was enough, the queen heard whispers the Mary was planning to escape so the queen had her executed. But due to the executioner being unskilled, it took several attempted to kill Mary.

#3.) Elizabeth Bathory

Even though her name isn't Mary, she is definitely a serious candidate. Elizabeth Bathory was a Hungarian royal in the 1500s, and remains the most prolific female serial killer in history. Reports of cannibalism, beatings, stranglings, stabbings and even lacerations from Elizabeth's own teeth to over 600 girls. Could Elizabeth quest for the blood of young girls continue long after her death?

Those are the top 3 candidates for "Bloody Mary." So the next time you say her name three times into the mirror, it may not end well.

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