What do you get for somebody who's all ready got it all? If you look at your parents, they not only have everything by now, but they've got way too much!

So now, what do you buy them for a present? And I mean not just a present, but something that they will really love.

Sounds hard doesn't it? It can be if you let it, but let's try a different approach.

How about something that they can enjoy over a long duration. Something that will remind then over and over that you really love them.

It's got to be something that they need in everyday life. It's something that they would go out and have to buy for themselves.

How about the idea I got from Marge, who lives at Lake Hendricks, her four children get her a large meat pack with steaks, pork loins, roasts, seafood and much more. Four people can put their money together and buy a pretty big pack to last way into the year and save a lot of money for cash strapped seniors.

Now that's a great idea! And here's another one. Rod Zens told me that the six of them bought their mom a new riding lawnmower. She's 85 years old and I'll bet every inch of grass she cuts, she feels the love of her children. This is a big ticket item I know, but cut six ways, it's not that big. Especially for the one who brought you into this world.

I'm sure we could make a list of many other ideas with your help. And don't forget the most important gift of all for the person who made sure you had a great Christmas as a child, tell them you love them!

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