How many music video's have been made since the...well, invention of music videos?

Thousands.  Millions.

So often when i talk with friends about the 'best' this or that, there's possibilities.  Best TV Show ever? Hmm..'I Love Lucy'?  'Andy Griffith Show'?  'M*A*S*H'?  'Cosby'?  It's arguable and you have your choice.

Best baseball player ever?  Best movie ever? Best Country artist ever?

It's all subjective, there is no 'right' answer.  We all have our favorites.

Except for this.  There is no question (for me).  This is the greatest video ever made.

Johnny Cash, 'Hurt'.

It has it all.  Great scenes.  Great intensity.  Emotion.  Most of all, it touches.

The life of Johnny Cash is spilled, it bursts out in this video.  If someone asks you who this guy Johnny Cash was, have them watch this video.

This is Johnny Cash as an old man, as a young man, and as a man who lived one helluva life.


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