It's 1959 and you're cruisin' around with your buddies and then you hear it.


The first thing you did was reach over and crank up that fine soundin' AM radio! Then you and the whole gang would sing along.

It might have been a local country music station. But then again, it might have been the local Top 40 pop station. 'Waterloo' knew no bounds.

The Stonewall Jackson smash went to #1 on the country chart and stayed there for 5 solid weeks. It was also a Top 4 pop smash, sold over a million copies and was awarded a coveted gold disc.

Stonewall Jackson is a country music legend, and he had huge hit's before and after 'Waterloo', but do me a favor. If you happen to be a younger person and your Dad or Mom happened to be a teenager in the late 1950's just ask them, 'Hey, did you ever hear of a song called 'Waterloo'? But a word of advise...then stand back.

Because they're going to sing it for you. They did back then and they will now.

Oh, and a fun note...Stonewall Jackson's real first name is Stonewall!

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