Let's face it, we all hate doing chores around the house. However, some chores are a little worse than others. Here's a list of five of the worst household chores.

  1. Washing the Dishes: Is it just me, or is the dishwasher one of man's greatest inventions?
  2. Doing the Laundry: The worst part about doing your laundry is the length of time it takes. It's a multi-step process. Separating the laundry, washing the laundry, drying the laundry, and finally, folding or hanging the laundry. It can be an all-day process and often is.
  3. Cleaning the Kitchen: If you're going all out and cleaning your entire kitchen top to bottom, you better clear your schedule for the day. Between the fridge, oven, floors, counters, cabinets, etc... you'll be ready for a nap in no time.
  4. Dusting: Not only is it annoying and arduous, but it makes you sneeze!
  5. The Bathroom: Most studies show this is our least favorite household chore and who could argue with that? Break out the elbow grease, because cleaning your bathroom can be a bumpy ride. Between the toilet, the bathtub (which, in most cases is actually dirtier than the toilet), the sink, floor, and wall; the bathroom is easily the worst household chore.

So, if you really want your kids to learn a lesson, have them clean the bathroom. Just don't expect your child to remain silent in the matter.

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