First, I need to be honest. Marcus Lindsey's self titled album pictured above came out in 2016. At least, that's when I first received it. But for our purposes here, I'm calling it the first great 'Real Country' album of 2017.

How do I define 'real country'. Well, I suppose some folks would refer to it as 'traditional'. For me, it's one of those things that..I know it when I hear it.

And I hear it here.

I was introduced to Marcus Lindsey when I came across a song called 'One Less Fool In Amarillo'. I had no idea who this guy was (you can meet him here at his website), but I knew I loved the song! Give it a listen below.

'One Less Fool In Amarillo' was kind of like a breath of fresh country air in the midst of the rock and roll stuff hiding in the country music world. A little like Strait? A little like Jackson? I don't know, maybe...and there's nothing wrong with that! Anyway, I wasn't sure if this guy was going to be a 'one great song wonder' or if he was what we used to call the 'real-deal'.

Then the album came across my desk. I popped it on while I was doing some other things and something magical happened that doesn't happen very often.

I stopped what I was listen. And I heard 'If Jesus Lived In Texas'.

I listened to the whole album, something I don't do much anymore, being the old cynical guy. And what I heard was the first great real country album of 2017.

Oh, I'm not saying you'll love every cut (but you might!). But suffice to say there's plenty enough real country meat on this bone that you'll crank it up a time or two or three.

Here's hoping that the current country music world give's this Texas boy and his band a chance. Because if they do you just might be hearing the next country music superstar.

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