South Dakota was still 24 years away from statehood when the American Civil War ended in 1865. However, the shock waves of our nation's bloodiest conflict persist throughout the state today, marked by the gravestones of the brave men who fought in that war.

To commemorate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and to show what life was like for those in the rank and file during the Civil War, the town of Canton is hosting "Civil War Days" on August 17 & 18.

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Civil War Reenactment
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According to the Canton South Dakota Website, believe it or not, the city of Canton has a rich history:

The City of Canton, SD has a rich history of Civil War Veterans who homesteaded in Lincoln County.

The Canton Civil War Days event will take place August 17~18, 2024 on a site over 20 acres in size located on the western edge of Canton, SD adjacent to Bridge Road. The site features an open field for battle reenactment performed by reenactor groups based out of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota, Missouri. Additionally, there is about nine acres of woods that will be used by some of the troops for campsites. This is to be representative of armies on the march. Artillery camps and civilian reenactors will also portray their roles in designated areas.

-Canton Website

Those attending Civil War Days can expect to feel like they've been taken back in time, with the sound of cannon fire during the live battle scenarios. Visitors will also be able to walk through the camps, chat with the soldiers, and learn about the history of the American Civil War.

Battle reenactments will take place both Saturday, August 17, and Sunday, August 18. For more information, check out the Canton South Dakota Website.

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