Most of the time when we think of fall, we think of sweaters, boots, hot apple cider, and football.  Probably the last thing on our minds during the fall is donuts.

However, there is one donut in South Dakota that truly gets your taste buds in the mood for fall weather.  Some may say this particular donut is one of the best donuts to enjoy in the entire state.  In fact, one national magazine has indicated this donut is truly superior to all the other donuts in South Dakota.

Eat This, Not That did a little research to find the best donut in every state across the country. The magazine determined its results by partnering with Yelp to identify the best donut in each state. This South Dakota tasty treat is definitely worth the trip.

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According to the top Yelp reviews, Jerry's Cakes and Donuts‘ “Pumpkin Fritter” is the best donut in South Dakota! This unique donut can be found in Rapid City. The pumpkin fritter donut from Jerry's Cakes and Donuts is sure to "sweeten" your morning and satisfy your appetite.

If you have ever paid a visit to Jerry's Cakes and Donuts, the pumpkin fritter is just the beginning of all the delicious fall treats available at this doughnut shop. The shop carries all of your fall favorites including pumpkin donut holes, apple donuts, and the classic pumpkin donut. It even has apple fritters to add to your fall morning.

Don’t forget when drinking a nice, hot apple cider or a pumpkin-flavored coffee, pair that drink with the sweet taste of a pumpkin fritter from Jerry's Cakes and Donuts. Your taste buds will savor every bite!

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