Ah, the classic chocolate chip cookie. We made these cookies with grandma, for Santa and to enjoy with milk.

According to Insider.com in conjunction with yelp reviews, this is the best place to get chocolate chip cookies in the state of South Dakota. Drum roll, please.

Coffea Roasterie.

They make their chocolate chip cookies fresh daily thanks to local bakers who come in during the early hours of the morning.

Another unique quality about these cookies is that they have sea salt sprinkled on them. So if you know someone who loves the sweet and salty combo be sure to let them know about this coffee shop.


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Haven't made cookies at home before or in a while? That's ok. Here are a few things we think you should add to your baking arsenal.

When your making cookies you can never have too many chocolate chips in your batter right? Plus, the next time you wish to make cookies you have leftovers.

Apron Set

This set is adorable! Plus, it would make a great Christmas present for those who are just getting into baking. It comes with a baking apron with pockets, a traditional bakers hat to match the apron and two rubber spatulas.

You can never have too many baking sheets. These ones are stainless steel and come in three different sizes.

Stand Mixer

A stand mixer isn't for everyone I know, but they make whipping up a batch of cookie dough so much easier! Plus, these mixers last forever and can be used to help with cooking meals and side dishes too. My mother has had hers since I was a kid. They come in over twenty colors as well to match anyone's kitchen decor.

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