I love talking about food...maybe a little too much.  But cookies make everything better in my opinion.  What's South Dakota's comfort cookie?

As kids, we always tried to sneak a cookie from the cookie jar.  Our parents always told us no because we needed to have room for our dinner.  But hey...sometimes you can't resist! The Eat This, Not That! website recently posted a nationwide survey conducted by Nestle Toll House to find the most popular cookies in America!

In the Sioux Empire, there is one cookie that stands out from the rest!  South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois agree that their favorite type of cookie is...chocolate chip!

In the article from  Eat This, Not That!, individuals are slightly confused as to why the chocolate chip is South Dakota's favorite cookie.  Their reason is actually pretty logical.  South Dakota State University has notoriously claimed as being the founder of cookies-n-cream ice cream.  So why not isn't the Oreo cookie be the state's number one cookie?  Makes sense to me!

What's your favorite cookie to snack on?

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