Raise your hand if you've ever heard the phrase '3.2 Flu'. But just raise your hand, if you stand up quickly, you might fall down.

Now, there's a pretty good chance you haven't heard of it. But I have. Let's just say there's a small, tiny, itsy bitsy possibility I was hampered with it at one or two points in my life many years ago.

You see, there used to be 3.2 beer. I guess what it technically was, was a beer that 3.2% alcohol by weight. Put another way, it's weaker beer, not as potent, in fact, a lot of people would disdainfully call it 'colored water'. It, uh, wasn't favored by what I would call the real beer drinkers.

Anyway, if you had a 3.2 beer, then followed it with another and another and another and then a couple-three more, you might well wake up the next morning with what we affectionately referred to as the...

3.2 flu. A fancy name for a hangover.

The reason I bring this up is twofold: 1) To relive those hazy memories, and 2) Minnesota is apparently the only state in the nation still selling 3.2 beer.

I came across an article at StarTribune.com from last winter that talked about how 4 other states that used to sell it have stopped, leaving the Gopher State as the Lone Wolf of 3.2 beer. So I suspect it won't be around long.

I might just have to make a quick trip across the border to my old stomping grounds and drop in on Luverne, Hardwick, Pipestone, Trotsky, or Hatfield and see if I can rustle up some 3.2 for old times sake.

But I better not take too many sips. I don't want to wake up with the 3.2 flu.

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