We all know this planting season has been tough on farmers.  That's why it's important we recognize their hard work and dedication to put food on our tables.

At the Sioux Empire Fair, thousands of farmers gathered inside the Grandstand for a free lunch!  Volunteers from different organizations, media outlets, and businesses all chipped in to help serve meals and thank the farmers.  Local and state politicians also showed their support for the agriculture community, including Mayor Paul TenHaken, Congressman  Dusty Johnson, and Senator John Thune.  Giving farmers a meal my not seem like much, but farmers told me that sharing a meal with them is all the support they need.

A lot of farmers look forward to the luncheon to meet up with old friends.  It was fun to see everyone enjoying each other's company and singing along to the music.

Mark and I were some of the many volunteers at the event.  I was in charge of collecting the lunch tickets.  By the time my shift ended, I collected around 200 tickets in one hour.  It was a great opportunity to help serve the farmers because they do so much for our country.

Besides volunteering, I loved meeting everyone who listens to our morning show KXRB!  It's been three weeks since I've started and this audience is just fantastic.  Your kind words meant a lot to Mark and me.  It feels good to know we are providing you that real country variety!

Ag Appreciation Day gives someone a glimpse of what America looks like.  I'm glad I was a small part of this day.


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