TG Sheppard's newest single, "I Wanna Live Like Elvis," is the country star's first in over 20 years, and marks the first taste of a brand-new forthcoming project. Despite the fact that he hasn't put out music in quite a long time, Sheppard has amassed 21 No. 1 hits over the course of his career, and he still remembers exactly what it feels like to hear his songs come on the radio.

Read on to learn more about the first time Sheppard ever heard his own music on country radio, and why he'd rather hear his new song than one of his older hits.

That's a memory you never forget. I remember when my first record, Devil in the Bottle, came out -- I'm sitting in the car in Memphis, and I turn the car on, and [I heard my song], and I go, "Wow!"

I mean, I still get that feeling now, when I hear my older hits or the new song on the radio. That never goes away from an artist, if you're dedicated to what you do and you love what you do.

I remember [the first time] very well. It's a different feeling [now]. It's still a feeling of excitement, but the sound of the music is so much better now, because, technically, you can make better records now than you used to be able to. So I enjoy hearing the new stuff I'm hearing now because the quality is so much better than ever before. So I enjoy that more, myself.

For that reason, I think fans are getting better records now, because the technology of the music itself has improved so much over the last several years. Music just sounds better!

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