If you are a parent and have kids who are texting, you need to be aware of the secret code system they may be using. It's a method of communicating with someone without letting parents know what's being said.

If you know some of the common codes being used, you may be able to detect possible trouble. These codes I'm talking about are known as acronyms, abbreviations and short-hand.

Kids are incorporating these into their messages. Now, some of these codes are completely harmless, but others can be downright dangerous.

As a parent, I feel the need to at least be aware of how the technology is being used. I want to make sure the right choices are being made.

Here's a list of texting acronyms and abbreviations parents should be familiar with:

1. 9 or CD9: Parents are nearby
2. 99: Parents are gone
3. 143: I love you
4. 182: I hate you
5. 1174: Party meeting place
6. 53X: Sex
7. 2DAY: Today
8. 4EAE: For ever and ever
9. ADN: Any day now
10. ADR: What's your address
11. AFAIK: As far as I know
12. AFK: Away from keyboard
13. ASL: Age/sex/location
14. ATM: At the moment
15. CU46: See you for sex
16. DOC: Drug of choice
17. F2F or FTF: Face to face
18. FWB: Friends with benefits
19. GNOC: Get naked on camera
20. GYPO: Get your pants off
21. HMU: Hit me up
22. IMO: In my opinion
23. IRL: In real life
24. IWSN: I want sex now
25. LH6: Let's have sex

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