A harrowing scene was caught on video as a tornado flipped and spun around a 2.5-ton pickup truck while it drove down a Texas highway.

The video was captured by storm chaser Brian Emfinger on Highway 95 in Elgin, TX. In an instant, the driver of a red 2004 Chevy Silverado found himself being tossed around like a matchbox car in the midst of an EF-2 tornado.

In Emfinger's video, you can see the truck being flipped and spun around as footage of the harrowing scene shows debris flying all over the place. The video itself is enough to raise eyebrows but after the truck is seen flip-flopping like some type of toy car, you suddenly see the truck flip upright as the driver maneuvers out of the storm's path—continuing his drive down the highway as if nothing happened.

It seems like another storm chaser by the name of Marcus Reynolds was able to capture a different angle of the incident, where he describes seeing a young driver behind the wheel of the red pickup that looked to be "16 or 17 years old."

According to Reynolds, the teenager used his phone to call his parents and from what he could tell, the boy only suffered a cut on his arm.

This video was captured about 25 miles north of Austin in Elgin, TX, but tornadoes also hit other parts of the state during Monday's storms including Round Rock and Jacksboro.

Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama are all bracing for the potential for severe weather as the system continues to make its way east.

Let the video of the red truck be a reminder as to why we should stay off of the roads if we don't absolutely have to drive during the threat of severe weather conditions.

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