Growing up on the farm more than a few decades ago, it was pretty simply buying Christmas gift's for my farmer/feed grinder dad. A good pair of work gloves, a pair of sturdy overalls, and a warm pair of long-johns was always appreciated!

And even today, those would all be good for the farmer on your Christmas list. But don't limit yourself to those ideas.

What's wanted (and needed) by your 'town folk' friends are also need on the farm.

I was checking out This Is Farming Dot Org (One of my favorite websites, keeps my toes on the farm), and found out that the high tech items are also big 'back on the farm'.

Drones, Tablet/Smartphone's, and GPS might be used for one thing in town and another on the farm, but they definitely used at both places!

No chances ares, if you're a 'townie' with a farmer on your Christmas list, the same things you like/need, he or she like/need.

But I'll bet thermal underwear would be fine, too!

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