Ask any teacher or school administrator and most will agree, it's been a long year! understands that and they are offering a sweet offer to educators across the country!

See teacher Appreciation Week is coming up the week of May 6-10, and the travel company will be giving away 50 free round-trip flights to Mexico. According to Thrillist, all you gotta do is to sign up to become a member of CheapCaribbean's Beach4Teach Club by May 9. The club is free to join but does require members to provide proof of their status as a teacher. On the final day of Teacher Appreciation Week, members of Beach4Teach will get an email prompting them to register for a free flight. The first 50 to get in are going to Mexico for on the house.

Now I know what you are thinking, what's the catch? Well, the flight is free if you are selected but you will have to cover the rest of your expenses. Additionally, you'll have to book your travel for sometime between July 10 and December 10 of 2019. If the Caribbean is more your style, you can try to win a flight there as well by clicking HERE!


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