The phrase 'one in a million' plays a role here, six-fold. Let's start with the company Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky where they have been producing spirits since 1773. And yes, they know what they're doing becoming one of the top distillers in the world.

A year ago this past April Buffalo Trace pulled out a barrel of whiskey from Warehouse V where it's been aging for the past 10 years. April of 2018 marked the milestone of their seven millionth barrel produced since Prohibition. This one barrel was the six millionth barrel and then was moved to another warehouse to mature for one more year and then bottled.

Here's where one of those bottles finds its way to Sioux Falls.

Buffalo Trace has offered these bottles to charitable organizations across the country free of charge to auction off and raise money for their worthwhile causes. And this year the Compass Center in Sioux Falls is the recipient.

The Compass Center in Sioux Falls is one of the local agencies none of us ever hope to use. But one of great importance to those who seek a life free of violence.

So this Friday, November 22 JJ's Wine, Spirits & Cigars will be hosting a night to support the Compass Center with the 6,000,000 Barrel Bottle Raffle Event and Tasting at the Sanford Event Barn.

Individual raffle tickets are $20. If you spend $50 you'll receive three raffle tickets and admission to the tasting event Friday night.

Source: JJ's Wine, Spirits & Cigars


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