Summer officially arrived at 10:54 AM Central Daylight Time on Friday (6/21). And I have to say that it's about time. It was a long cold and snowy Winter followed by an extremely wet Spring.

I'm ready for summertime. It's really a great time of year. All of the plants on my property are in full bloom. On the weekends my Corvette comes out and my hammock goes up.

The grill is smoking with the steaks on and the beer is cold. Heck, I even like mowing the lawn and doing all the necessary yard work. The beer tastes better after doing that.

My family and I went for a long bike ride on the bike trail and had a wonderful time. And we are in the middle of a great baseball season in which I coach and my son is a player.

All I'm trying to say is, Summer is here. Don't miss a single day of it, get out there and make it a Summer to remember!

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