One of the best decades for country music was the 1970's. The biggest song to start out that era, was the Song of the Year of 1970, "Sunday Morning Comin' Down" by Johnny Cash.

The song was the follow up to "What Is Truth" and preceded the song "Flesh and Blood" for the man in black.

The big story behind the song is the writing of it. The masterpiece was penned by a young and still fairly unknown Kris Kristofferson.

He had made his mark as a capable writer when Janis Joplin recorded and performed his song "Me And Bobby McGee" in 1968. Ray Price having a hit with "For The Good Times" by Kris was another boost.

But when Cash did "Sunday Morning Down", that was the turning point. That was the song that Kristofferson said allowed him to quit working for a living.

The real truth was, the people that he admired, were admiring his song. And that solidified him as one of the greatest song writers in the business.

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