Co-written with Josh Helms and Matt Willis as well as fellow country artist Walker HayesCraig Wayne Boyd's song "We Sweat" is an anthem that celebrates the people who go the extra mile in everything they do, whether they're working or playing. The song is included on the Season 7 The Voice winner's 2018 studio album Top Shelf, a project that the singer says reflects his diverse musical passions and influences.

In "We Sweat," Boyd's love of swampy, bluesy rock 'n' roll is center stage, framing a story of blue-collar living, where every aspect of life is celebrated to its fullest potential. In fact, according to Boyd, the song is so celebratory because it took its cues from the atmosphere of the studio, where it was largely a product of an improvisational jam session, even featuring vocal help from Bob Marley's Wailers. Read on to learn more! 

You know what? The fans picked this one. And it was probably one of my favorites, because it has such a great story behind it. There were some very spiritual moments behind it when that happened, when the song came about.

It started out with a kick drum and a cowbell. And then, all of a sudden, some guys from the Wailers show up in the studio at, like, two in the morning. It was amazing how the song came together, and it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment, inspirational process.

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