Everyone is getting excited to have Loretta Lynn come to Sioux Falls this summer. She will be at the Washington Pavilion the night of July 8.

Loretta is not just a country music superstar, she's an icon. Anytime a movie is made about your life and the title of the film is the same as your signature song's title, you are over the top.

Loretta was the first female in the history of country music to win the award for Entertainer of the Year. She had many hit songs leading up to that honor.

The majority of the tunes were what you would call feisty. And some were considered controversial.

One of those controversial recordings was the song titled "Rated X". Loretta wrote the song and recorded it in 1972. It became her sixth number one hit.

The song was quite frank with the language explaining the life single women in the 70's decade were facing. Let's watch Loretta perform the song on a very popular TV show that you remember well:

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