What goes up, must come down. But why does it have to be your retirement money? Because if you're smart, you invest. But investing comes with ups and downs. We are currently in the downturn, known as a correction.

The market has experienced huge gains, especially the month of January to start off 2018. It went up day after day. Investors have been waiting for a correction. They knew it was coming, and now it's here.

Even though it was expected and it was what stock buyers have been waiting for, when it actually happens, it can be a little scary.

Before January ended, the Dow dropped over 500 points. Then on Friday (2/2), it dropped another 666. The losses continued even harder on Monday with an 1175 point decline.

It may be shocking, but don't panic. Don't sell and miss future gains. Do the opposite of selling. Put money in now and buy the stocks that are on sale.

There could be more downturn to come. We may only be half way to the bottom of this correction that was not only predicted but long overdue. Stay the course!

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