It's my favorite time of the year. I mean, my very favorite.

Winter is in the rear view mirror. Summer is up there just around the bend. Ahhh...springtime. Nothin's better. And you know what else is just up there on the horizon?

Summer vacation time.

School is just about up and done for the year. So it's time to start planning what to do for a few days or so with the family.

Let me make a suggestion.

How about spending some time in South Dakota? Oh, I know, I know, you've already been to Mt. Rushmore (and if you haven't, for cryin' out loud, what are you waiting for?). But let me tell you, speaking as a guy who lived for 15 years in the Black Hills area, there are lots...and I mean lots...of things you missed on that little 2-day trip to the Hills.

Now, while the 4 Prez's are certainly the most famous and visited spot in our great state, it is by no means the only spot! And things are going to be great this summer.

Tourism Secretary Jim Hagen said officials are optimistic about the summer. He says with consumer confidence sky-high, there's been a ton of interest in his department's website. We had about 13.9 million visitors last year and there will be an increase this year for sure.

So don't miss out! As you can see in the short video below, you have super vacation options in every part of the state.

And having lived in virtually every part of this great state, I can attest to the fact that there's vacation treasures waiting for you out west or back east, down south or up north.

So, see you this summer. And don't forget the sun screen!

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