Thursday (7/26) will be a very special day for farmers with the event near Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Hefty Seed hosts their annual Ag PhD Field Day.

The free Field Day has grown to over 10,000 attendees annually. There are several reasons that people drive or fly in to spend the day.

Not only do we have a number of high yield farmers from around the world speak about increasing bushels and profits, many of them have plots at the Field Day site they have been managing all season-long. In other words, you can not only hear what they do, you can see what they do.

There is a Kid’s Area with games, farm education, and plenty of room to play. There are indoor, air-conditioned, great educational opportunities with world-class speakers on estate planning, grain marketing, drainage law, and more.

National Corn Growers Association Senior Director of Public Policy Sam Willett will bring his insight into the most important public policy issues facing farmers today.

And there's free food and drinks throughout the day all across the Field Day site.Get directions and register online.

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