Maybe you caught the story that Andy from down the hall had the other day about a bull named Humphrey who lives in Iowa. Humphrey is a stately 26 inches tall. Pretty tiny by bovine standards. It turns out a South Dakota couple may have the second tallest bull in the world. And even if they don't, it was fun to talk with them about it.

Steve and Tammy Dunkleburger of rural Canton, South Dakota have a bull named Norman. Norman  is currently showing off his stateliness at the Sioux Empire Fair as part of the Old McDonald's Farm display. According to Steve, Norman stands a whopping 30 inches tall.

Steve called and told us the other day that Norman looks like a Brahma Bull. He comes with a hump on his back about the size of a football and also packs a bit of attitude into his small stature. Dunkleburger mentioned that he recently had to trim the horns on Norman after he tore the crotch out of the pair of blue jeans one day.

It really doesn't matter if Norman is the second smallest bull in the world or the United States, it sure made for a fun conversation on the air, and it will make for fun conversation and an interesting something to do at this year's Sioux Empire Fair.

Make sure you check out Old McDonald's Farm at this year's Sioux Empire Fair and while you are there, take a look at Norman and know that He Could Be the Second Smallest Bull in the World!


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