Wednesday marks 50 years of service to the South Dakota town of Badger, for Myron Anderson. This very well could be one for the Guinness World Records.

Myron Andersen of Badger, SD will have served 50 years on the town board on April 3rd, 2013. All but 4 of those years he has been town Mayor.

What's really interesting is the fact that he was never involved in an election. I doubt if there are many people out there that have served for 50 years starting at 26 years of age without an election and still going strong.

Anderson has seen many changes over the years. He was instrumental in the installation of both water and sewer while Mayor.

He was awarded the Excellence in Municipal Government in 2005. He was presented this honor by then South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds.

The city-owned electrical system brings in revenue which helps with improvements within the city. The citizens of Badger don't pay city sales tax and property owners in Badger pay property taxes for state, county and school district purposes but are not assessed for city appropriations.

Mr. Andersen's story is interesting and he is truly a hands on Mayor interested in his city. He has been married to his wife Janice for 54 years.

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