I have a new best friend. And I haven't even met her.

Brandi Hanson from Aberdeen scored a nice win in the South Dakota Lottery. No, wait, that's not right. A nice win would be taking home, say, a hundred bucks. Brandi did just a bit more than that. She'll be receiving $1,000. A day. For life.

You read that right.

Our friends at KSFY TV report that Brandi won the December 31 drawing of the 'Lucky For Life' lottery game. It's lucky Brandi stopped by Ken's SuperFair Foods and picked up some tickets.

Brandi says she picks numbers based on her Grandparents birthdays and anniversaries. Well, thank you very much Grandma!

So let me do my math here...if Brandi lives to be, say, 105 years old she'll take home a total of...of...of...a whole bunch!

Congratulations Brandi!

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