A number of people watch the Super Bowl each year just to see the commercials. Typically, there are always a handful of ads that are funny, touching, or just plain weird that end up being very memorable.

This year while you and your Super Bowl party pals have your eyes glued to the tube during the big game, keep an eye out for a couple of commercials focused on the importance of having a designated driver every time you and your friends have consumed too much alcohol and need help in safely getting home.

The message is being promoted by the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety.

KDLT TV is reporting that both ads will depict fans at parties having a good time, in some cases, having too much of a good time.

According to Lee Axdahl, the director of the Office of Highway Safety in South Dakota, “Super Bowl Sunday is a day where we are asking everyone to be their brother’s keeper. We know many people will be at Super Bowl parties having a good time and consuming alcoholic beverages. Our goal with these commercials is to help urge people to make sure their friends arrive safely at home.”

The majority of fatal motor vehicle crashes in South Dakota stem from the use of alcohol. Axdahl says the ads are designed to remind people to use common sense and find or plan for a designated driver. Those chosen as designated drivers need to remember never drink and drive, slow down, and always have everyone in the vehicle wear a seatbelt.

Here in the Sioux Empire, the commercials are scheduled to air after the first quarter and during halftime of the big game between the Falcons and the Patriots.

Source: KDLT TV

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