A. If you did a little asking you found out that the good ole' Soybean is now being used in the manufacturing of tires. That's right, the tires on your ride can, and are being made as we speak utilizing Soybean Oil instead of Oil.

We talked with Mariah Kessler at Dakotafest and she said:

"Goodyear Tire has a few lines of Soybean Oil Based Tires.  These tires are available now at your Goodyear Tire Dealer. This helps make the tires be plant based and Bio-Based.  Also, Goodyear is working toward tire line eventually into Soybean Oil."

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It's all about value and bringing that value back to the farmers, back to the producers. Here's what I really found interesting. The South Dakota Soybean Association is giving sets of tires to local Sheriffs Departments as well as other key community members around the state of South Dakota. It's a great way for them to 'get the word out,' and do good in local South Dakota communities as well.

Another product that The South Dakota Soybean Association talked about, which also has to do with roads and transportation, was a dust control product that was actually being used at Dakotafest. Dust can be an issue, especially in rural areas that have high traffic counts so you can ask about that product as well. Again, the product is plant-based, bio-based so much better for the environment than other products.

Soybeans. They seem to be everywhere. Now they might be utilized where you drive, and how you drive.

If you would like more information about these soybean-based tires, you can check out their website or call for more information at 605-330-9942.

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